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1. Introduce a virtual tour of Ukraine, allowing users to explore the country’s culture and history through interactive multimedia. 

2. Create an online marketplace for Ukrainian products, providing a platform for Ukrainian businesses to showcase their goods and reach a global audience.

3. Develop a mobile app that allows users to learn Ukrainian words and phrases, and also gives them access to local events and attractions. 

4. Create an online hub for Ukrainian diaspora, connecting Ukrainians living abroad with their homeland. 

5. Launch an online forum where Ukrainians can exchange ideas and ask questions about their culture and history. 

6. Develop a series of educational videos and articles about Ukraine’s culture, history, and current events. 

7. Create a job board where Ukrainians can find employment opportunities in their home country. 

8. Develop a database of Ukrainian businesses, allowing users to easily find and contact businesses in their local area. 

9. Launch a virtual museum, featuring interactive exhibits about Ukraine’s past and present. 

10. Create a social network for Ukrainians, allowing them to connect with each other and stay up to date on news and events.

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